When you mean well….

I was just about to type my latest entry last night and before I knew it I was waking up the next day. Note to self: Write blog before night meds kick in.

Yesterday, one of my dearest friends came down and treated me for lunch. It was delicious! I had broiled salmon, broccoli, and a salad. We then headed downtown Detroit and I showed her how it’s changed since the last time she’s been down here (she said about 12 years). We shared our struggles with weight loss, my crippling depression and how it’s not helping my situation. It was a great time. I miss seeing her every day.

Today is what I would like to call Day Zero. My boyfriend picked up groceries in his way home from work. He picked up basically everything I asked for, however it’s not really enough. This is definitely going to be an adjustment. Not only will we have to watch what we buy but how much. We are going to have to buy larger quantities of meat; for example: instead of 1 lb, 4+ lbs to last more days/meals. This is obviously going to take more planning than I am used to.

I am worried this adjustment is going to cause tension. I think mainly because I can’t keep my thoughts in order right now, so explaining anything properly is quite difficult. Arg. This headache is making writing this blog damn near impossible.

AM Weigh In

344 lbs

PM Weigh In


Today’s Successes:

Today I had zero bread products. I guess it wasn’t that difficult because there wasn’t any in the house, however I didn’t even have buns with my burgers! I think this is a huge success for me!

Today’s Opportunities:

I could have drank more water today. That’s definitely something I need to work harder at.



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